A loner’s delight

Under the bright blue sky
Among the restless, worried souls
I walk alone
With a fearless mind

Fear riding the cool breeze
Sweeping the entire city
As I walk alone
Relentless against this chill

I am a loner
My solitude is my immunity
Against an invisible enemy
Which is losing against me

©2020 Piyush Singh

Do you see What I see?

Do you see?
Rays of the Sun
Blushing to see no one
In a solitary city

Do you see?
Struggle of life
To grab hold of
The only remains of hope

Do you see?
What I see
My last few breaths
Fighting on the edge

Losing drop by drop
Struggling to seek happiness
Should I set myself free
from this earthly bond?

Now I see,
The other side
Vaporised to see the brightness
Of my life beyond

©2020 Piyush Singh