The World bows, Joker finally smiled at the Oscars

Last time when joker got the honour at Oscars, he was not alive. But this time he came out of the shadows to put a smile on everyone’s face.

And all his die hard fans could have said-

When you give him the Oscar, please introduce him as Joker . “

Though we will not complain the way he was introduced in the real world. “The Academy award for the best actor in lead role goes to-Joaquin Phoenix.”

And in Joker’s own words, “You get what you Fu…. Deserve”.

Yes all DC fans (this time many MCU fans loved it too) , you heard it right!

Joker has been finally accepted by the outer world. Oscar has accepted Arthur Fleck and honoured him for his successful act (not a failed one like in the story).

Only the second Joker or only DC character (Infact not any other comic book character won it, not even dark knight himself. ) to win it in acting category.

The biggest reason, this joker, won everyone’s heart is the emotions with which it connected with today’s vulnerable world.

From the protests at Hong Kong to anti CAA protests throughout India, from chaos in Syria to tensions between US and Iraq, we are witnessing apathy of governing authorities towards the common man. Common man never felt so lonely and helpless before. They want you to behave as if you don’t. We all are clowns, feeling the same pain as Joker. We can relate to him.

Arthur Fleck, a sick man, desired happiness which he never got. He was mocked, beaten and left for everyone to exploit. He cried, growled and imploded with us. He chose the wrong path and to be on the right side for such a man is extremely difficult. Joker is the mirror of our vulnerable society, a harsh reality. It should be looked like that though violence should never be encouraged.

Shifting to artistic point of view, Joaquin Phoenix is the next legendary Joker, everyone waited. Those nuances, giggles, laughs, emotions of a Joker cannot be replicated by anyone else.I can’t see anyone else playing this role better after Heath Ledger.

If you see other movies of Joaquin after Joker you will get glimpses of Joker in him from the beginning. He was quite destined to play this role.

Influenced by this legendary performance, I composed a poetry dedicated to Joaquin Phoenix

He danced at the oscars
Like a man who is possessed
Joaquin the Joker
Praised for his act
The act of a lifetime
The act which brought big smiles

And yes the whole world is getting crazier out there for him!

The other big winners are

Best original Screenplay –Bong Joon Ho (Parasite) and Han Jin Won

Best actors in supporting role-Brad Pitt(Once Upon a time in Hollywood), Laura Dern (Marriage story)

Best film- Parasite

Best actor in lead role female-Renee Zellweger (Judy)

Best cinematography – Roger Deakins (1917)

Birds of Prey-Movie review

Sadistic violence, all for fun!

Birds of prey, as expected, is full of nihilism just like Joker. But joker was more realistic and thought provoking. On the other hand “Birds of prey” has little to do with feel and real world.

It’s a pure comic book-based entertainment, full of badass action, daze and is made for the die hard fans.

The story starts where the suicide squad ended. Harley Quinn broke up with Joker and she is messed up with that. She broke loose of Joker by blowing up the ace chemical factory with a bam. They had fond memories there .

When Gotham came to know about their breakup, all the grudge-bearers chased her to take revenge. Chief among them is one of biggest don of Gotham, Roman ‘Black mask’ Siones (Ewan McGregor), a sadist and misogynist.

Gotham ‘s villains think that Harley’s shield, joker is gone and now they can easily exploit her. That’s where she wanted to prove herself. She wanted to show that she can survive and is not a slave of men like Joker. She does that by kicking some asses with a lot of swag. This is her emancipation.

Siones is after a treasure whose key is in the diamond which is stolen by pickpocket, Cassandra cane. Siones captured Harley and her only chance to save herself is by finding that diamond. There follows a treasure hunt that unites other anti heroes, Huntress, Canary and detective Montoyo who want their own emancipation from the male dominated Gotham (Maybe that’s why they are Birds of prey) . They form a team and go on a rampage against the army of Mafia Siones.

In one of the scene, Harley tells Canary that ‘Harley’ is the one who serves. This inspired Canary to break loose of her Abusing master Siones. Women are not Puppets and they can handle their own world. This is the basic theme of this movie.

Margot Robbie is fabulous with her giggles, psychotic smile and her hyperactive, swaggy narration. The visual effects, action scenes with a lot of violence are OK. Overall, a movie for the fans.
I will rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

PS- Don’t wait for post credit scene. There is an audio of Harley just for fooling the audience where she takes the name of Batman and nothing else.