Westworld 3 new trailer out

So finally all Westworld fans got to see what season 3 is all about. All hell break loose with the robots breaking out of their narratives and enter the real world. The same real world they desired for so long.

It seems like Dolores wants to take revenge with the real world for giving her and other robots so much pain. She has teamed up with Aron Paul (He has quite a history of breaking bad), Bernard and Charlotte to wage a war against company or the real world.

Finally the man in black got his purpose and that is to save the world from the wrath of consciously awakened robots. Maive is hired by westworld company to kill Dolores. So there are 2 teams against each other. Team Dolores vs team maive which may include the man in black.

The trailer looks promising with all the ingredients like special effects, action scenes and poetic narration. The background score of ” Sweet Child of Mine”, a completely different version, will give you goosebumps. I hope it is used in the series.

Overall westworld three looks thrilling!

You can watch trailer by clicking hereWestworld 3 trailer

Walking Through Darkness

I stumble and fall
I tried to stand tall
While walking through darkness
But the road was slippery
And the snakes were slithering
On my way through darkness
I rose and fell
I tasted the venom
But I Persevered through darkness
Others hoped for the light
At the end of the tunnel but
I learned to love my way
Through darkness

©2020 Piyush Singh

Mighty Expectations

Mighty Expectations
The disease that infects
And cripples any able soul

Huge Expectations
The unwanted force
That disappoints more

The great expectations
Are those when
You desire less and give more

The Expectations
Builds a cage that suffocates
The mighty potential

Should be a calm river
That soothes a free soul

©2020 Piyush Singh