Walking Through Darkness

I stumble and fall
I tried to stand tall
While walking through darkness
But the road was slippery
And the snakes were slithering
On my way through darkness
I rose and fell
I tasted the venom
But I Persevered through darkness
Others hoped for the light
At the end of the tunnel but
I learned to love my way
Through darkness

©2020 Piyush Singh

15 thoughts on “Walking Through Darkness

      • J.Bosh February 20, 2020 / 4:29 pm

        You are most welcome. I’m Jessica. Nice to meet you!

      • J.Bosh February 20, 2020 / 4:31 pm

        My pleasure.

  1. My blog is on poetry February 20, 2020 / 4:41 pm

    Good, light is blessing but darkness is curse. It requires strength to face curse.

    • singhpiyush6089 February 20, 2020 / 4:43 pm

      I think at one time or the other everyone has to go through that phase.. He should be prepared for that. Thanks for reading!

  2. kevinkaz4 February 20, 2020 / 5:18 pm

    The journey and perseverance! This poem is everything, thank you for this!!

    • singhpiyush6089 February 20, 2020 / 5:19 pm

      Oh this comment is huge… Thank you Kevin… Huge inspiration!

      • kevinkaz4 February 20, 2020 / 5:33 pm

        You deserve it all brother! Keep Going!

  3. Tanya Sheik February 21, 2020 / 3:11 pm


  4. Vincent Ehindero February 21, 2020 / 3:53 pm

    I love this. And thanks for liking my post. Your blog is definitely worth my follow 😊

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