Spiritual World

Through the mist of time

You search for the meaning of life

But what you seek is

Just a physical dime

Your happiness lies beyond

The material world

Your Felicity flow from

The Spiritual world

The world where the nature

Plays with the jubilant souls

The world where

There is respect for the whole

The world where

The nature is secure.

The world where

In the shelter of nature

You find your goal.

©2020 Piyush Singh

Your Fears

You get lost
In the cacophony of fears
You lose your way
Blinded by fears
You hardly move
In the swamp of fears
Fear is something
That cripples body and soul
Those strings work only
When you try to move more
Courage is the balm
That cures this disease
Your will is the force
That exterminates this devil
Optimism is the light
That outshines this darkness

©2020 Piyush Singh