Paradise Song

In the world of Hatredness, Full of agony and restlessness
Sing me a song of Paradise

In this world of Cruelty
Where faith is not humanity
Sing me a song of Paradise

Where humanity creeps
In the valley of corrupt powers
Sing me a song of paradise

That song of love
That love Bathed in sacrifice
Sing me that song of Paradise !


Building Life

Accepting Life
Embracing materialism
Spirit builds life
Brick by Brick.

Acquiring skills
Learning the art
Soul weaves life
Brick by brick.

Shaping the world
Guiding the light
Building the world
Brick by brick.

Awaiting the end
Contented with glory
Spirit leaves body
Brick by brick.

©2020 Piyush Singh

In The North

The earth is burning,
The soil is dying,
Masses are tormented,
By the Flames
In the North.

The Sun
Showering embers,
The winds Blowing fire,
The Home is in peril,
Our home in the north.

Heaven we seek,
To the south ,
We Retreat
But the heart never blooms
Away From the north.

And then we see
The monsoons
From the heaven,
Quenched our Land
And our hearts
In the North.


The Picture- Short Story

Kailash was staring hard on the cricket ball. When the bowler was about to deliver , a sudden thought struck him. It had happened to him in the past , the same scene in which he stepped down the wicket to hit for six and ended up missing the ball which resulted into their loss. This time he changed his tactics and the history, stayed inside the crease , took a huge bat lift and then the swing. Suddenly the picture started fading away and he woke up. He was disappointed once again. He lost the same match yesterday when he stepped down the wicket and it haunted him in his dreams. He lifted the morning newspaper and tried to ignore the city sports but he couldn’t. He saw the picture and smiled , the similar bat swing. The history changed. It was a dream Luck.

©2020 Piyush Singh

Mind Joke

Daily Prompt- Ha-ha-ha

Focus focus, you
Unstable mind!
Chasing vicarious pleasures,
Away from the book of mine.

Focus focus, you Crazy mind!
Swimming in Paneer gravy,
Tasting noodles, slurping ice cream,
Aah! Far away from this important subject of mine.

Thinking cap, uncapped
You won , I surrender ,
Alas! So disappointing
Is this Brain of mine!

© 2015 Piyush Singh

Finding Paradise

Daily Prompt- Place

The space where,
Respect lingers in the valley of Religions,
Love flows in the River of struggle,
Lotus blooms in the pond of compassionate tears
Where is that paradise on earth?

The place where,
Humanity lingers freely,
Guided by the light of that one God.
A mother is not worried,
For the protection of her little child.
Where is that Paradise on earth?

A heaven where,
There is no Bloodshed,
There is only greed of sharing love,
There is only support for the weak,
And the people are not separated by wealth.
Where is that Utopian World?

© 2015 Piyush Singh

To say final Good Bye to My Mother


Set It to Rights-Daily Prompt

My mother was suffering from Kidney failure for over 5 years. Her agony and pain was very deep and regular dialysis was breaking her day by day. She was fighting each and every day to bring smiles on our faces because she knew that our happiness was to see her alive. I remember those nights when she was not able to sleep because of her pain.

I remember those days when she felt better. Right in the morning, she cooked delicious breakfast for me and saw me to the gate and always waited on the door when I came back from college. Those days have gone, now I don’t see my mother waiting on the door but she is watching me from above. She was admitted in the hospital for a minor operation of fistula for her water dialysis .

It was over a month and I visited her twice as my exams were going on. My father hid all the complexities happening with her, from us. And when she was about to give up on life support system , my father finally told us. It came as a shock, the unbearable grief. She was on life support system for over 4 days and when I finally touched her feet in the ICU , two hours later she died. It was like a final farewell she wanted from me to leave this painful world. My father told me she was asking for me in her last days.

I know I cannot bring her back to set things right for her, for us but one thing I definitely want to do, to say final good bye to her with her ears listening and her eyes watching me. Maybe in the dreams I can say that but actually she is always alive in my dreams, when I am sleeping. I will always remember her sacrifice. Your life is so precious and you do not realize it until someone sacrifices for you.

I wrote an elegy in the memory of my mother few days ago-Memories

Photo credit- Google images

Flowing through time.


There will be a time in the future when you will find this ,my diary. When my words will flow through the winds of hope, struggle and love in your world to embrace you, to console you, to soak your tears and to protect you from breaking into pieces.
Listen this tale of mine when I walked on the path , full of thorns but I never complained about that and never gave up. There was a time when there was no hope and strength left inside me but I simply did good things just for the sake of doing them by accumulating all my strength.
I was falling. I was leaving this world and i saw the beautiful pictures of my life when I was rolling on my toes as a kid. The world was so full of happiness and those games which I played with other kids in the world full of fantasies. I saw how I fought in the darkness as a knight , to create light in the lives of the others. A time came when I was blown away by the sudden gush of winds which made me to fall on the earth , face down. But my life was not mine. I belonged to those people who were depended on me, the people who were waiting for some kind of miracle or hope that would have lifted them once again from the ocean of grief. This gave me the strength to hold myself , up again. I rose with a much greater force and lifted my sword once again. My words became my weapon and my compassion became my armor to bring the change in the lives of the people who needed me. I was going to fight for them till the end. I sulked their pain, I healed their soul, I cleansed their life and i gave them hope and then in the last part of my journey , I was falling deeper into the abyss of the cosmos. But that was not the end, my words will flow eternally in the heart of the future to quench the thirst of the souls in need. I will always be tethered to this world, full of miseries with my words which will not fade away from the lives I will touch. You will find me in the deepest corner of your heart, in times of need. I will always be there in the meadow, smiling on your shadow, immortally.
Remember me for the good work, I did,
Remember me for the light I have spread
Remember me for the falls for You
Remember me for the words for You
Remember me for the Life for You.
Remember me, I died for you!

P.S.-In response to Daily Prompt-Time Capsule

Pic courtesy- google images, From the movie Remember me.